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Natural shell red string bracelet on a gift card
Natural white shell red string bracelet on a gift card
3 Natural shell red string bracelets on their gift cards
Love nature gift card with a white shell bracelet
three bracelet cards with white natural shells
back of the gift card with a red string bracelet
red string bracelet dimensions
hand wearing a seashell red string bracelet

Seashell Charm Bracelet Card

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Girl giving a nature seashell card bracelet gift from her friend

Make A Wish
Take a chance
Make a change
May your wish come true!

Shells are among the most remarkable designs found in nature and a source of inspiration for thousands of years for people. 

Shells are very feminine; and Renaissance painters loved to show Goddesses and mermaids birthed from seashells. 

They are a symbol of:
  • womb and fertility
  • good fortune
  • resurrection
  • grace and beauty
Every child and grownup knows that if you hold a shell up to your ear, you can hear the 🌊ocean🌊.

As such, shells are seen as a symbol of the beautiful beaches, seaside, summer and the freedom of vacations

Whether you want to channel your inner Goddess or thinking of that perfect seaside escapade, this Seashell Charm Bracelet Card will make a beautiful gift you yourself or your friend.