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Pet Pawrfect Cup Cleaner

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Dog making a big mess

Your furry best friend can now enjoy the outdoors to the fullest! Dirty paws are a hassle of the past with this Pawrfect Cup Cleaner.


Extremely easy to use, you simply add water (warm or cold) to the cup, place one dirty paw in it and gently clean the paw in up and down movements: the inside of the cup is lined with special dirt removal material that will wash away your dirty worries almost instantly.


To clean the Pawrfect Cup Cleaner is just as easy: warm or cold water, a whisking movement and that’s it!


Gentle Cleaning


The lining of the cup is gentle but very efficient and it’s a new and innovative way to clean your dog’s dirty paws after hiking trips, walks, or parks visits.

 Pet paw cleaner cup

Take this Pawrfect Cup Cleaner anywhere you go and keep the dirt outside, not in your home or car!


Very Powerful


With the integrated rotating system, our Pawferct Cup Cleaner is 90% superior to other paw cleaners on the market. You will clean your pup’s paws in seconds, very efficiently, all while gently massaging their paws. 


Love your dog and love a clean house, all at the same time!

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