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Eco toothpick holder
Eco toothpick dispenser
Automatic Eco toothpick dispenser
Automatic Eco toothpick holder
Automatic Eco toothpick dispenser made from wheat fiber
Wheat fiber automatic eco toothpick container
Wheat fiber automatic eco toothpick container

Ecological Automatic Toothpick Dispenser

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This Eco Toothpick Dispenser delivers single unwrapped toothpicks with a simple push of a button. No hassle, no germ transfers.

This cute looking eco container is made out of recycled wheat fiber and can hold a large number of toothpicks, all ready to use for appetizers or cocktails with just a push of a button.


The top cover is made from BPA free, food grade sturdy ABS plastic.


An eco guest at your buffet table or the cocktail bar:

 Automatic toothpick container perfect for a party

Benefits & How To Use It: 

  • Hand washing recommended

  • Safely removes food debris

  • Stimulates gums to promote periodontal health

  • Helps fight gingivitis


With an innovative design and its sturdy wheat fiber body, this toothpick holder will last for years.


It has an attractive design; with its retractable function, toothpicks stay inside and out-of-view, dust and dirt.


Push the top and toothpicks pop up, ready to use.

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How to use an automatic toothpick dispenser

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