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Cosmic energy bracelet closeup
Cosmic energy bracelet detailing the stone significance
Cosmic energy bracelet closeup
Cosmic energy bracelet closeup on a manequine wrist
Cosmic energy bracelet closeup on a man's wrist
Cosmic energy bracelet with planets significance
Solar system bracelet with dimensions

Cosmic Energy Bracelet

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Embrace the power and abundant cosmic energy from our genuine Cosmic Energy Bracelet. 

Cosmic energy bracelet

Our Cosmic Energy Bracelet is created by master artisans using hand picked, high quality, natural stones that reflect the breathtaking beauty of the universe and capture all its positive energy. 

Each stone in the Solar System Bracelet symbolizes a different part of our vast universe:

The Earth: King Turquoise
The Moon: Opal
Mars: Red Agate
The Universe Itself: Blue Sandstone
Black Hole: Obsidian
Venus: Gold Metal Alloy
Jupiter: Tiger Eye
Saturn: Whitelip Shell
Uranus: Blue Cat Eye Stone
Neptune: Lapis Lazuli
Mercury: Deep Sea Scallop

Do you sometimes find your life impossibly hectic, or do you feel there is something missing in your life but you are unable to figure out what that is?

Sometimes we feel stuck in life, and no power on this Earth seems to be able to help us. In times like that, what we all need is a little order in the chaos that surrounds us.

Align your life to be happier and more productive. With our Solar System Bracelet you can channel the cosmic energy from the universe to power yourself up, whenever and wherever you need it.

The universe is full of infinite possibilities, and so are you!


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